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Exceptional modern living spaces with timeless appeal.

With over 16 years of experience in construction, management, and hospitality, Werner General Contracting (WGC) is dedicated to crafting exceptional living spaces built for generations.

We proudly partner with the best subcontractors and tradespeople to bring your vision to life. We combine modern living with classic craftsmanship, prioritizing quality, service, and exceeding your expectations.

Our rigorous standards and meticulous attention to detail ensure a finished product we'd be proud to call home ourselves. Whether you desire custom cabinetry or dream of a handcrafted log home, WGC offers the expertise and experience to seamlessly navigate your project from start to finish.

Rustic Home Office Waterfall Desk Built-in Shelves

Working With Us



Your Vision, Our Collaborative Journey

During our in-home consultation, we'll join you on your journey to transform your space. Feel free to share your dreams, ask any questions, and let's work together to achieve your desired outcome. Transparency and open communication are key, ensuring a smooth and successful project that reflects your unique vision and brings your dream space to life.


Sign, Schedule, Start

Ready to Bring Your Vision to Life?

Once you've explored your design options and estimate, the next steps are to sign, schedule, & start your journey! We'll provide a detailed contract outlining the agreed-upon scope of work, design, timeline, and costs. A signature and deposit confirm your commitment, and then we'll work with you to schedule a convenient start date and ensure a smooth transition.


Design & Estimates

Transformative Possibilities & Solutions

We're excited to unveil a curated selection of design solutions that embody your vision, accompanied by a transparent budget breakdown for informed decision-making. Let's embark on a collaborative journey to translate your vision into a stunning reality.


Project Execution

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Regular site visits keep you informed and ensure all elements align with your expectations. Our meticulous project management keeps everything on track, and a relentless focus on detail throughout construction strives to deliver a flawless final product. This transparent approach fosters collaboration, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

“Frank took over and drove the process, and oversaw every step and held our hands throughout the work. The most important thing about Frank is that he is a high character person – he is honest, sincere, responsive and very likable…
He is a very good communicator and kept us up to date on the work and next steps, and most importantly, to make sure we were happy and satisfied… You can tell Frank demands a lot of himself and his sub-contractors. Frank has an exacting eye for quality and demands that the work be done well."

AMS, Lake Forest, IL

Common Client Inquiries

Learn More FAQ Common Renovation Questions
FAQ Section Common Renovation Questions

Several factors influence project timelines. While a typical mid-level kitchen renovation generally takes 9-12 weeks, the size and complexity of the project can affect this timeframe.

Learn More FAQ Common Design Questions
FAQ Section Common Renovation Questions

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive design services, from interior design to drafting blueprints for new homes.

Learn More FAQ Common Services Questions
FAQ Section Common Renovation Questions

We proudly offer a diverse range of services, encompassing the design and construction of magnificent greenhouses, tennis courts that inspire competition, custom-built homes, and commercial retail spaces.


Share Your Vision, We'll Bring it to Life.

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